What happens after

the retreat?

For many, Pilgrimage-Cursillo is vastly more than a retreat; it is a new way of living more closely aligned to God and fully engaged in community. But, first, it is important to know that there are no membership dues or any other commitment. Pilgrimage-Cursillo is simply a program of the church; a very meaningful program to many.

Because Pilgrimage-Cursillo is designed to be transformative and the retreat often occurs across 3 days, we refer to every day after one’s participant weekend as the 4th Day. Again, what you do during your 4th Day (the rest of your life) is entirely up to you. Should you wish to do so, there are several ways to remain connected to Pilgrimage-Cursillo.

Join or create a small support / discussion group with other 4th Day

  • Staff a retreat (local or in another location)
  • Stay home, but pray for and help prepare for the retreat

Attend functions. We call these either Ultreyas (meaning onward, or keep going) or Gatherings. The Ultreya-gathering is often a pot-luck with worship, communion, and a short message

Join your local and / or national council

Let us known about address changes

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