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I probably would consider myself a consistent questioner.  I questioned my own forgiveness and whether or not the safety, love and security I felt as a child could or should be a part of my adult life. Although I was not conscious of it at the time, I saw myself as a weary servant and a seeker of deeper connections.  I attended mostly because I thought my wife needed to attend and she would be reluctant if she had to go it alone. I left the pilgrimage with reassurance that the love, safety, and security that we all crave can be felt with child-like innocence as an adult – that is what God’s grace gives us – a wonderful gift, not just in word. I grew closer to God.  I gave myself a break.  I grew closer to my partner.  And, I felt more at ease with myself.  (I felt) liberated from the chains of life.”
– Anonymous Participant

“Cursillo was a spa for my mind and spirit that will last a lifetime and can be shared with others. I didn’t know what to expect, and I’m glad. It was more than I ever would have thought it could be. It was magnificent! Cursillo was a life-changing event for me. I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on an opportunity like I had.”

– Anonymous Participant

“I attended Pilgrimage primarily because of “strong encouragement” from others. I expected it to be a “good for me” experience, but had no idea it would enrich my life in so many ways. My personal relationship with Jesus, and the very act of communion, have both taken on fresh meaning for me. I have also found new ways to use my gifts to serve God. Now I am the one giving “strong encouragement” to others to attend, and volunteering to help with Weekends.”
– Martha Nielsen

“Pilgrimage is a Weekend where you spend time with the Lord, and time with people, in the presence of Christ. “When I think about my Pilgrimage experience, the song ‘Surely the Presence of the Lord is in this Place’ always comes to mind. Very few times in my life have I felt God’s presence as powerfully as I did throughout my entire Weekend, and that was exactly where I needed to be at that time in my life – in the presence of the Lord.”

– Sandra Phillips-McGehee

One measure of Pilgrimage-Cursillo’s impact on the individual is the large number of participants that want to serve as staff

“I’m taking more responsibility for my spiritual growth, due to my experience at Pilgrimage. I met so many wonderful people, who, like me, are on their own spiritual journeys. Discussion groups helped me a lot. I was overwhelmed by the love that surrounded me that weekend, shown in various ways. I laughed, cried, sang, and generally soaked in all of the activities, talks, music, and enjoyed the excellent food! Enough, because I don’t want to give away all of the surprises…and there were many! Your life will be changed for the better if you attend Pilgrimage!”

– Nadine Runsick

  1. You will experience the love of God and God’s hand upon your life as never before.
  2.  You will be richly blessed by the new friends, fellow brothers and sisters of Christ, that you must meet.
  3.  You will come face to face with the joy that Christian life is all about!
  4.  You will be encouraged by heartfelt testimonies about how God is powerfully at work all around us.
  5.  You will do a lot of singing, listening, laughing, talking, eating (great food!), and receiving kisses from God.”

– Anonymous Pastor

“Prior to the weekend) I believed that God loved me, but I wasn’t really feeling very loved. God was kind of in the background of my life. (During the weekend) I experienced an outpouring of love. I felt renewed in God’s love for me and felt eager to return to volunteering at church, passing that love onto others. (Afterward) I felt that I could feel God’s love for me again. I volunteered more at church. I prayed more often for the people listed on the Prayer Chain, always thanking God first for His Love and for all the people and things given to me. I definitely feel closer to God.” 
– Anonymous Participant

“Pilgrimage is a short retreat where you can get away from the world and its problems and feel closer to God and His creation. It will give you a better appreciation for what God has done for us through Jesus Christ, and a better appreciation and feeling of love for others. It will be a big spiritual lift and can energize you to live your life more for Christ in all you do.”

– John MacLeod

“My Pilgrimage Weekend was a reawakening. In the months before my Weekend, I got spiritually tired dealing with the ‘stuff’ of life – grief, family issues, work and grad school. The Weekend reminded me that I belong to God and that my life should be a clear reflection of Him and a positive reflection on Him. No matter what might be going on in my life, He is my reason for living, and every day is sweet because of Him.”

– Jen Payne

“A Pilgrimage weekend includes a variety of discussions, talks and fun experiences which bring participants into contact with the Holy Spirit.  Pilgrimage has renewed my faith and has strengthened my belief in all the glory & grace from our Holy Father.”

Peggy Leonhard

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