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Who are we?

We are a reformed Protestant movement of the Church Universal, sprung from Spanish Catholic monastic practice now spread across denominations and continents. We are known as either Pilgrimage or Presbyterian Cursillo, and we are a non-profit organization in the USA with 22 local communities across 14 states.

We are a community founded on a disciple-building process that is designed to renew and deepen your relationship with Christ.

About Us

Our Beliefs


Presbyterian Pilgrimage-Cursillo welcomes all spiritually mature Christians of all ages.

Basic Tenets

  • God is one being in three persons; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
  • All good and power emanate from God, the creator and redeemer
  • Original sin (the fall) broke our connection to God
  • God restored our connection by sacrificing His only Son
  • Thus, God’s ultimate sacrifice redeemed all creation; we only need accept
  • In grateful response, we continually seek to live in right relationship
  • All who accept God’s grace are invited to attend, learn, and lead at Pilgrimage-Cursillo
  • All can, some will, none must at Presbyterian Pilgrimage-Cursillo

Our Goals

Spiritual renewal of individuals and evangelization of environments

Enable each participant to make every relationship, every situation, every experience an occasion for the manifestation of God’s Kingdom

Provide a retreat experience enabling conversion to a more vital life in Christ; practiced during the weekend, to be carried out more intentionally within the ongoing life of the home church

How You Can Attend

What’s needed?

Christians seeking continued growth and commitment in faith

Spiritually mature Christians of all ages

Lay leaders, clergy, and those aspiring to these are encouraged to attend

What happens?

What’s next?

Become more inspired to challenge and equip each local church member onward to Christian action in their church, home, work, and community


What People Say

“Twelve years ago I attended a weekend. I thought it was to just meet some people and make a few new friends. Little did I know that God had called me to a mountain top experience with Him to prepare me to hear His call to do His work in the “valleys” of life. My only regret is that I didn’t go sooner.

– Sissy Tubb, Oklahoma Presbyterian Pilgrimage

“I was trying to describe the weekend yesterday but just really could not talk about it yet. I was and am so touched. There was more love … than I have experienced in my lifetime, through each and every experience of the weekend and through every staff person and participant. It is hard to believe that I could be called to attend such a weekend; how could I be worthy and how could Jesus love me this much? To God be the Glory!”

 – Anonymous

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