Invitation Guide

Invitation Guide

When telling someone about Pilgrimage-Cursillo, we often overemphasize aspects of the experience not readily understood. We tend to explain that we’re on a spiritual high, that we really learned about the love of God, that we’ve seen God’s love at work in the people we met.
Why won’t that be easily understood by people who haven’t shared the same experience? It took most of us a pretty intense three days to begin to understand that Pilgrimage-Cursillo is simply a most wonderful gift from God. One can string a bunch of adjectives together to try tell how wonderful it was, an absolutely fantastic reflection of God’s love, but I have trouble explaining it. Even if we could find the words, we may ruin it for the prospective pilgrim (but if they want to know every detail, by all means provide them the manual).
So, if you find it difficult to precisely describe how you saw God work, maybe talk about the things you understood before you went on the weekend; talk about the music, the laughter, and the fun you had. Share about the talks you heard and the people you met. Talk about the worship experiences. Talk about a Christ centered spiritual retreat unlike any other.

In Summary:

  • Take some time to reassess the value of Pilgrimage in your life and use that to refine the testimony you will share when you make your next invitation
  • Read what others have said about their Pilgrimage experience
  • Think of the Christian brothers and sisters you haven’t seen in a while and use the gift of Pilgrimage to reach out to them
  • Take the renewing power of Pilgrimage as a solution to the issues facing the leadership of untapped congregations and beyond 
  • Take this perspective and the opportunities it creates and use the process described, below, in the “How to Effectively Invite People to Pilgrimage” workbook to implement them

Please see our invitation guide below and also check out our shepherding guide and outreach section.

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