Music Thoughts

  1. Traditional Pilgrimage-Cursillo music is known across communities and helps distinguish and bond participants; playing the familiar music helps to create and continue a long-standing bond.
  2. Some repetition of songs and verses is good
    • Allows pilgrims to close their eyes and lift their hands
    • Limits the number of songs needed
  3. Tech is rapidly advancing to help the music team select and order songs
  4. Chapel and communion tenure should be subdued
  5. Music team should model raising hands
  6. There will likely be varied comfort levels with music styles
  7. Share a list of weekend music with links to purchase songs after the weekend
  8. Join and contribute to our music cha Facebook group

I started thinking about the impact of the music and why we sing at Pilgrimage-Cursillo. We sing to praise God. We sing to worship God. We sing to draw nearer to God. We sing to open ourselves up to God’s grace. We sing to submit prayers. We sing for the shear joy and fun of singing. We sing for all those reasons and more.
– Tom Pope

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