Ideas for nurturing the 4th Day

Cursillo’s founders were committed to prayer and surrendered to the will of God rather than relying on their and peers’ skills. The result is a worldwide movement that is hastening the Kingdom of God. We can do no less than to follow their example, if we are going to be true to the gift that God has given us

Look at how Cursillo founders strived to achieve its purpose; emulate when appropriate, and modify when clear the Holy Spirit is leading

  • Nurture occurs via prayer and in renewal / reunion groups, at Ultreya-gatherings, and by serving as staff at the weekend or as part of the home team (prayer service, serenade, closing, Agape-palanca, etc)
  • Consider Agape-Palanca and serenades for 4th Day undergoing major life stress or illness

Home team service (it’s critical!)
Prayer service, prayer banner, agape-palanca party, home-made snacks and treats, bag lunches that are given to the participants as they return home, set-up for the weekend, making place mats and name tags, attending serenade and setting up for the Agape party, attending closing and helping to pack up, renewal groups and Ultreya-gatherings, speaking about Pilgrimage-Cursillo, shepherding others.

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