Reunion & Renewal Groups

Reunion & renewal groups are so much a part of our 4th Day movement that our National Council meetings always include time for gathering in reunion groups as part of the regular agenda. The card we use to guide reunion & renewal groups is commonly carried by 4th Day (please see below).

Main functions

  • Offer support, encouragement, and accountability in the tripod of Christian fundamentals: Piety (Holiness), Study (Formation), and Apostolic Action (Evangelization)
  • Foster honest expression of where members are in their Christian walk without fear of judgment
  • Provide voluntarily account of member progress towards their goals in their Christian walk

Frequent Outcomes

  • Loved so much that I am accepted the way I am and loved so much that I cannot remain the way I am
  • Deep friendships spawned

It is amazing that God can use simple people like us to represent Him in His work and to mirror His love. Jesus Christ is alive; He is our salvation and our hope.

Format suggestions

  • Limit group size to a small handful of members
  • Target a one-hour maximum, but invite all to continue
  • Emphasize the support aspect
  • Encourage initial sharing by all members before focusing the time
  • Rotate sharing of the 3 legs of the stool (Piety, Study, and Apostolic Action)
  • Use the prayer on the card as an opening prayer
    • Work through items on the card one by one, or each pick one of the items, or all agree to share a particular item
  • Close in a prayer of intercession, in which we ask God’s help for particular people or situations
  • Lastly, please do not allow your Pilgrimage-Cursillo friends or reunion/renewal group to become a clique within the church so that those observing you will simply know the love of Christ as you live before your own church

Reunion / Renewal card

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