Ideas to Persevere in the 4th Day

  1. Join a renewal/ reunion group
  2. Invite 4th Day and potential participants to your renewal/reunion group
  3. Start your own renewal/reunion group
  4. Participate in or organize an Ultreya-gathering
  5. Staff both your other community’s weekends
  6. Serenade and attend your or other communities’ closing
  7. Serenade or write Palanca-agape to 4th Day in need
  8. Serve on the home team
    • Organize the Thursday prayer service, Saturday serenade and Sunday closing, bring flowers on Saturday for the Sunday sunrise service
  9. Attend the Welcome-home Ultreya-gathering for new 4th Day
  10. Reach out to other communities when in need and to offer support
  11. Send Agape-palanca to other communities
  12. Attend or organize weekend 4th Day retreats / Ultimate Ultreya’s where the distinction between staff and participant is minimal
  13. Make weekend crosses and lanyards
  14. Distribute Pilgrimage-Cursillo information at your church and in your community
  15. Contribute a short testimony to an Ultreya-gathering or the website
  16. Let us know about address changes
John Knox’s square 3-legged stool
  1. Share a list of weekend music with links to purchase songs after the weekend
  2. Donate to the scholarship fund
  3. Join the music team
  4. Join the technical team
  5. Write / bake Palanca-Agape
  6. Shepard or sponsor a participant
  7. Staff a Pilgrimage-Cursillo table at your church’s coffee hour or participate in a taste of Pilgrimage given to a local church or the Wee Kirk conference, which supports clergy of small churches
  8. Support high school and prison Pilgrimage-Cursillo ministries
  9. Sign up on prayer banner for your and other communities
  10. Pray for those you think should be invited to Pilgrimage-Cursillo
  11. Pray for your Pilgrimage-Cursillo community its leadership
  12. Pray for your local church, its clergy, and other leadership
  13. Pray to discern your role

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