The How, Why and What’s Next of Building an
Active 4th Day

Many ask how to build an active 4th Day. While we do not have all the answers, below are some suggestions. Be sure to share your ideas too.

Most communities focus on the mountaintop experience of the three days. Fred Keith indicates a community’s strength is measured by the vitality of their 4th Day; without which the program, no matter how good, is meaningless. An organized pre-weekend strategy inclusive of selection and preparation of candidate and team as well as collaboration with and involvement of new communities is required.
Part of a moderator’s job should be to develop an active plan to integrate new Pilgrim-Cursillistas into reunion/renewal groups and Ultreya-gatherings. Inviting and preparing candidates should include an explanation of the 4th Day.


The moderator’s talk describes the 4th Day, but more is needed

  • Re-think contents and presentation of the 4th Day packet
  • Explain the 4th Day at closing by going through packet materials
  • Revisit all of us being the hands of feet of God
  • Remind that the weekend is only the start of the journey; in fact the weekend should be a byproduct of a healthy 4th day not its goal
  • Invite all pilgrims to a renewal group, which can be fuel for their journey
  • Brief and fun 4th Day talks congratulating / encouraging pilgrims and team

New pilgrims should understand that We, including themselves, are vital members of the 4th Day; the hands and feet of God, the community of Saints, sustained by their calling

Homecoming Ultreya-Gatherings

  • These can also be fuel for the 4th Day
  • Regular (periodic) scheduling with well-announced dates are essential
  • Include prayer, pot-luck, worship, communion, news / events update, brief message
  • Workdays to prepare agape / palanca, etc. for the upcoming weekend (local or neighboring)

Reunion / renewal groups

  • Join a group near you or create you own with your local Council’s approval
  • Invite 4th day and potential participants to your group
  • Regular (periodic) scheduling with well-announced dates are essential


Why do we run Pilgrimage-Cursillo weekends? Why do we write palanca / agape, many to complete strangers? Why do we inconvenience our calendars by taking four days off to staff a weekend, and pay a substantial price for the privilege? Why do we drive great distances, often hundreds of miles, to take part in a fifteen minute serenade or closing?

Why do you do it? Why do we do it?

  • Serve the Lord our God
  • Evangelize the environment
  • Self renewal
  • Feel called

There is nothing wrong with enjoying the weekend, we all do. The caution, is that we might focus more on our own needs rendering the effect on the pilgrims, and on the church incidental. What is it all about; why are we doing what we’re doing?

Do you share the great vision of our founders that Pilgrimage-Cursillo is actively reforming the Church to God’s will?

Pilgrimage-Cursillo was founded to help people understand and live out Christ’s expectations for them; to help them reform shared environments. That we enjoy doing it is fine, but secondary.

Where is the Lord leading?

All may, none must and some will, especially when perceived barriers are removed.

Where and how do you sense the Lord leading us?

We need to know what we’re trying to accomplish. What do we want to do? Grow the church. What does that mean?

When you consider that the 4th Day is made up of people who have completed a Cursillo, Pilgrimage or Jubilee weekend; many of whom are fired up, enthusiastic, in awe of our God, how to enliven the 4th Day should be a moot question. The 4th Day should build itself, full of people eager to continue in the wonderful way they experienced during their weekend.

How are you discerning God’s call? Being active in the 4th day can provide fuel for your journey and the community to help discern your next steps.

Next Steps

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